Annual Insurance Policies

Any particulars or details contained in the Insured’s books account or other company books or documents which may possibly be expected by the Corporation for the purpose of investigation or verifying any claim hereunder may possibly be made by experienced accountants if at the time they are frequently acting as such for the Insured and their report shall be prima facie proof at the specific and particulars to which such report relates. Premiums in a complete life policy commonly are assured for the lifetime of the policy. Loss of revenue in transit due to accident/ misfortune (Not exceeding Rs. 50,000/- per any 1 carrying). Folks opt for term life when they need to have insurance coverage for only a quick period of time, or they have to have insurance coverage, but can’t afford the premiums related with permanent insurance.

Make sure you understand the policy, that its terms and situations have been understood or adequately explained, and specifically what the insurance coverage does and does not cover. Earthquake insurance is under-priced in Singapore and it could be available as an endorsement to a key policy at subsidized rates, if one cares to negotiate for it on policy renewal dates.